I guess maybe I was supposed to write a hello post first? Oh well, my ADHD brain always does things out of order so this experiment should be no different. Why solo spacecadet, you might wonder? Well the solo part comes from being a single parent and the space cadet goes back to childhood and that ADHD brain. My family always called me spacey or a space cadet because I was usually out of focus, daydreaming, and off task. My dad would constantly tell me I was “always out of pocket” and my grades in school were pitiful. I’ve gotten better about managing some of the ADHD brain as I’ve gotten older. I think I’ve had to develop coping skills over the years, but damn, you should see the desk in my office-I’m the only one that understands the piling system of dealing with paperwork that I have going on there.

In addition to being a single parent, I work full time as a clinical social worker. I love to travel, but don’t have the budget to go far very right now. I have dedicated 2017 as the year I pay my fucking debt off. All but my student loan and my house. Those two are gonna take some time, but the rest, some piddly credit card debt  and the remainder of my car loan on my 8 year old car will be gone by the end of the year. Then commence 2018, the year I fucking go places. While I await the big travel days to come,  my soul still requires that I spend time outdoors. A lot of days, my life OUTSIDE is more important than my life inside. I try and make time for a walk or at minimum some time outdoors every. single. day. It replenishes me and keeps me sane. Seriously. So this blog will share some of all of that: single parenting, social working, budget traveling, outdoorsing it, and thoughts on living as a tiny blue dot in a deep red southern state.


Author: lostbutfound1

Full of hope, You?

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